QoE Monitoring

ISP business faces a lot of challenges:

  • financial, such as increasing competition, lowering ARPU and expensive network upgrades;
  • and technical, such as bandwidth congestion, growth of encrypted traffic and subscribers’ high demands of being always connected.

By improving the Service Perception you can reduce the risks faced by the operator’s business, lower the costs and find the ways to get additional benefits. Maintaining Quality of Experience is a way to earn more without network expansion.

The main object of QoE module is to keep the customers and foster their loyalty.

With Stingray QoE Module, you can detect quality degradation caused by different reasons:

Problems with access and network equipment

Traffic congestion

Low-quality CPE

DDoS and Brute force attacks.

Solution Benefits

  • combining with other DPI options: BRAS, CG-NAT, traffic filtering;
  • additional information from billing system;
  • high performance, installation on a standard x86 server;
  • automate ticket creation in the service desk;
  • custom filters and triggers;
  • easy installation and user-friendly interface;
  • API for integration with other systems;
  • increase of the operator competitiveness and ARPU.

Where to begin?

Send a request
We contact you, specify the task, provide access to the documentation and answer your questions.
Choose the solution
We discuss the current situation: traffic volume, available equipment, the functionality you need.
Free trial
Our engeniers install the selected software and adapt it to your specific tasks. Сontract — only after the test is successful.
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