Location-based service

LBS (Location-based service) is a Stingray SG module for mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) designed to determine the subscriber's location.

The solution allows to trace the location of the subscriber device by the mobile network base stations and configure DPI network policies on a mapping for a group of subscribers in a certain zone.

The LBS module detects the subscriber’s location based on data from the GTP-C protocol, it can work without the Gateway Mobile Location Centre (GMLC), which is especially important for virtual operators (MVNO).

Location Based Service solution features

Cellular, fixed-line communication and Wi-Fi in one interface

Aggregates subscribers of all operator communication technologies in one database, allows to segment them by location and manage network policy in a certain territory.

Network load monitoring

The system sorts subscribers by base stations, allows to track their number and traffic: both total and broken down by popular network protocols. A special ML service detects loading anomalies and notifies administrators.

Geotargeting services for subscribers

Various services for subscribers work on the basis of geodata: analytics of customer movements, tracking of goods and couriers, parental control and others.

Directories of base station coordinates

It can work both with directories of the operator's base stations coordinates, and get coordinates of any operators from public services via API: OpenCellID, Cellmapper, etc. Both the coordinates themselves and indirect data are processed to specify the location — range, standard, etc.


The module aggregates location data, stores it for the required time, visualizes it in real time in the built-in graphic interface in the form of dashboards and tables, displays routes and network load on the OSM mapping.

Integration with operator systems

Additionally, the module can use (if available) the operator's signal network data from the A-BIS interface for more accurate positioning: triangulation, Time Advance, RXLEV.

Solution architecture

It is required to take a copy of the traffic from the S11/S8 interfaces to Stingray SG. Stingray SG analyzes the GTP-C protocol and gets data from it for positioning the subscriber with reference to IP: IMEI, IMSI, LAC, CellID, etc.

LBS for mobile networks

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