Network Visibility

The key to a profitable and successful business is customers satisfaction with ISP services.

The key to a profitable and successful business is customers satisfaction with ISP services.

To improve the network performance you have to obtain all the information about network usage data and traffic consumption. It is critical for best troubleshooting and delivering high Quality of Experience.

The network visibility is fully provided by our Stingray Service Gateway solution. The special metrics show statistics on traffic usage per subscriber, per device, per direction, per protocol, etc. The data builds accurate and detailed reports, but you can also build your own report.

The real-time analytics features raw and aggregated data to maximize the perception of services (QoE).

The Use Cases


Network analytics data plays critical role in business decision making. Having the details, the business owner can control the necessity of investments for network expansion and scale up the performance without deploying more infrastructure.

Subscribers Perception of service

In the reports you can find such metrics as Round Trip Time, number of retries, number of sessions, devices, agents. This is a fast way to indicate various network problems (either it is low quality CPE or some troubles with network experience) and to take action in order to prevent and reduce the churn.

The best QoE can be also delivered with context-based prioritization. This means that a wider bandwidth is given to the most consumed (popular) applications that the subscribers need the most.


The clickstream for each subscriber and statistics gathering makes it possible to create a database and segment it in accordance with the interests and preferences of each customer. This option is used for conducting the best marketing campaigns in order to introduce new services and data plans.

Where to begin?

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