Software Solutions for Telecom and Corporate Networks

In-house development

We are 1 of 10 companies in the world who managed to create their own DPI engine and signatures

Hierarchical QoS

Detection of all top signatures (instant messengers, online games, social networks) for bandwidth control

Multifunctional Product

More than 15 options and functions combined in a single software platform

Customer Support

Tell us abiut traffic volume, available equipment and the functionality you need for your network. Our engeniers will install the selected software and adapt it to your specific tasks.

Our Customers

The cost of Stingray solution is lower than the new devices and the deployment was very fast. We didn’t face any problems while configuring. We are planning to expand the network next year, whereas the positive results of the VAS Experts software implementation leave no doubt that the DPI, BNG and CG-NAT manufacturer replacement is not needed.
We used to have SCE, CGN. Now we have two “boxes” that can reduce all processes to a minimum set of actions. Thanks to VAS Experts engineers for providing fast and dynamic work.
After understanding how the solution works, implementation was easy. Thanks to the VAS Experts engineers and developers for the patient and thorough explanation of the BNG principles and tips on how best to configure the functionality.

Send request

Easily test the software on your equipment, virtual machine or using VPN. Сontract — only after the test is successful.
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