BNG/BRAS Solution for Broadband Providers

VAS Experts BRAS/BNG software meets all the technical requirements of modern networks and thanks to its flexibility, protects the operator’s investments.

Benefits of our software-based BNG


It is easy to upgrade and support our software BRAS/BNG solution. In case of increasing network and subscriber growth — traffic growth surcharge only.

The hardware platform can be vertically scaled from 6 to 120 Gbps. Virtual horizontal scaling is unlimited. You can learn more about the scalability of virtual BRAS/BNG system in an article in our blog.

Technological efficiency

CG-NAT and 1:1 NAT are used to optimize the use of limited number of IPv4 addresses. With the growth of IPv6 traffic, ISP faces the task of providing Dual Stack IPv4/IPv6 to the end client.

Also, when combining different types of networks and changing access technology, it becomes necessary to provide services for all types of authorization of subscriber devices on one BNG: PPPoE, DHCP, IPoE Static.

High Avaliability

A reserve license provides Active-Standby mode and guarantees the high availability of devices for each authorization type. Redundancy for PPPoE is achieved by a full N+1 implementation scheme.

Reduce the expenses

  • no hardware vendor-lock: you can choose any equipment
  • the solution cannot become outdated and require replacement: software licenses have no EoL
  • the pricing is based on the throughput without limitation by subscribers number
  • enables management and configuration automation with the Graphical User Interface
  • we provide a direct contact with our developers - the system can be modified for a non-standard task

Easy Deployment

The software can be installed on any server equipment that meets the minimum requirements. Also, a hardware-software platform can be purchased from our partners.

Usually, it takes about 2 weeks to deploy the system when the server, network architecture, and other preparations are ready. VAS Experts engineers help to implement software and integrate it with a billing system.

Operator’s engineers are provided with standard management methods for all functions, training, and GUI available.

Provider challenges that software BNG solves

At some point, each Internet Provider faces the need to update the service gateway on a scheduled or urgent basis. This is usually associated with one of the next three tasks:

Scaling up

As the ISP's network grows, its performance and bandwidth resources are exhausted. No matter how much bandwidth you provide, the evolving telecom market will need more as there are more and more devices and applications used every day. In addition, it complicates administration, increases electricity bills, and requires more space to install all the equipment.

Fault tolerance

Every piece of equipment gets deteriorated over time. The problem may occur that the manufacturer's support has expired or the manufacturer cannot help to repair the equipment. The pre-configured appliance becomes a black box for the engineer: it is impossible to determine whether the software or the hardware part has failed.

Scaling out

Large and medium-sized providers usually need more functions for company development:

  • more analytics capabilities
  • ability to combine different types of user authorization (for example, when two operators merge into one)
  • ability to change the technologies (for example, when switching from ADSL to OLT)
  • development of new services (for example, transition from multicast TV to OTT).

If such problems are not solved, the growth of the company and its profit becomes impossible.

In the worst cases, it leads to subscriber dissatisfaction, churn, self-written solutions, and an increased load on technical support.

Tell us about your challenges and we will offer you a solution that fits you the best.

BNG is an essential device because it is located in the provider's network at the server level while performing a number of border functions.

As designed by VAS Experts, the Service Gateway is implemented into the network core and interacts with the PCRF server, provider’s billing system, subscriber database, subscriber devices, and border routers.

Results with the virtual BNG solution

Manageable Network Core

  • Increased network performance
  • Building a system with simplified integration of content control, analytics, subscriber and traffic management
  • IPv6-ready network

Significant Cost Cutting

  • The same channel capacity accommodates 25% more subscriber traffic = more profit
  • Flexible license: you just expand the license when the subscriber base grows or when you need more functions
  • No vendor-lock – any available standard server fits

Analytics and Data enrichment

  • Analytics on the volume of consumed traffic, interests and devices of subscribers – you can create personalized data plans
  • Identification of subscribers who are interested in competitors - the ability to timely influence their decision
  • Identification of low-quality Wi-Fi routers from subscribers - the possibility of up-sale and replacement of equipment

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