BNG Solution for Broadband Providers

BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) is a noteworthy device because it is located in the provider's network at the server level, while performing a number of border functions.

The main tasks of BNG include:

  • traffic routing to the baseline network;
  • providing user sessions over PPP or ATM;
  • subscribers aggregation from DSLAM’s when using xDSL technology;
  • defining user tunnel parameters, such as IP address, when used for termination;
  • application of Quality of Service (QoS).

VAS Experts software BNG is based on DPI technology which makes the solution much more advanced.


The software solution is easy to upgrade and easy to support increasing network and subscriber growth - traffic growth surcharge only. Hardware platform can be vertically scaled from 6 to 200 Gbps. Virtual horizontal scaling is unlimited.

Easy Deployment

The software is installed on any server equipment that the operator has. Also, a hardware-software platform can be purchased from partners of the company.

When the server, network architecture and other preparations are ready, it usually takes about two weeks to deploy the system. VAS Experts engineers help to implement software and integrate with billing system. Operator’s engineers are provided with standard management methods for all functions, training and GUI available.

A whole set of benefits

Features of BNG based on VAS Experts DPI

  • Providing QoS according to the given data plan
  • Internet access control for subscribers
  • Applying the tariff plans policy
  • Interaction with Radius server
  • IPoE, PPPoE authorization
  • Applying additional tariff options
  • Redirecting of users to Captive Portal (locking resources)
  • Implementing for L2 и L3 levels
  • Support of IPv6/IPv4 Dual Stack, Radius CoA
  • Multi-users support, i.e. when one login is associated with multiple IPs
  • Support of domains whitelisting that is independent of IP changing
  • Marketing features (collecting and processing Quality of Experience data, clickstream)
  • Increasing speed for local resources and peer-to-peer networks

Where to begin?

Send a request
We contact you, specify the task, provide access to the documentation and answer your questions.
Choose the solution
We discuss the current situation: traffic volume, available equipment, the functionality you need.
Free trial
Our engeniers install the selected software and adapt it to your specific tasks. Сontract — only after the test is successful.
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