Test us

Test VAS Experts DPI platform to appreciate the capabilities and functionality of the software.

Test can be handled in one of 3 ways

  • Your own equipment
  • Hardware-software complex provided by any system integrator
  • A VPN stand.

1. Any available equipment

VAS Experts DPI software can be installed on any x86 server. There are minimum technical requirements:
A central processor unit (CPU)
4 cores, from 2.5 GHz
from 16 Gb
Hard drive (SSD highly recommended)
from 500 Gb
Operating system
CentOS 8
from 1 Gbps

For test you can use either server hardware or a virtual machine (VM). A VM can be created with any hypervisor you like (KVM, VMware and others).
The Virtual Machine should not be used as the main platform for Stingray SG.

2. Hardware-software complex

If you do not have a spare server, we will offer a solution from our dealers – for example, a mini-server suitable for small loads during testing.

3. VPN stand

When a client connects to a specified VPN, all traffic flows through DPI. Using this connection, tests become possible even if the operator does not currently have compatible equipment.

As a test zone you can use:

  • a part of the network infrastructure with real subscribers;
  • a test stand;
  • Internet-connected devices right in your office.

Send a Request

We provide a full “Complete” license for a period of 1 month for the test. Additionally the Quality of Experience (QoE) module is installed.
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