Use Cases

VAS Experts products build the network core and optimize traffic. Our hands-on knowledge allows you to use the entire library of cases, and to provide solutions for your specific needs as well.


Use case
Related product
Router: Hardware routers upgrade
Router cost optimization by using a software solution and installing it on a standard x86 server
BRAS: Equipment upgrade (Ericsson, Cisco)
BRAS solution to replace out-of-date equipment or to expand the network. Traffic growth and migration to 25G/40G/100G interfaces. SSG combines multiple access technologies and reduces total cost of ownership.
NAT: effecient using of IPv4
Smart use of IPv4 addresses and IPv6-ready network (Dual Stack v4/v6 support)

Network Visibility

Use case
Related product
Network planning
Analysis of users’ behavior and network congestion for bandwidth expansion planning
Subscriber QoE
Application and protocol service quality tracking for end customers. Preventive support based on early detection of network problems
Search for Service Resellers
Application and protocol service quality tracking for end customers. Preventive support based on early detection of network problems
Subscriber profile and Subscriber segmentation

Segmentation of subscribers:

  • by interest in different categories of resources
  • by a device in use
Churn prevention
Users’ behavior analysis in terms of interest in competitors and speed measurement resources. Monitoring the quality of services provided.

Policy Control

Use case
Related product
Application-based charging
Differentiation of tariff plans by games, social networks, streaming video, basic email, and other popular applications. Enhance customers choice of tariff plan and increase their loyalty.
Service tiering
Tiered plans (combination of specific speed, QoS, happy hours, SLA, traffic limit)
Turbo boost
Provide additional bandwidth on tariff plan in cases of immediate need (e.g. send a photo from the stadium with 50 thousand people, or streaming a whole movie).
OTT content bundling
Bundles of games, music, videos, movies, social networks in tariff packages for different subscriber segments (can include video caching and optimization to improve QoE)
OTT premium content
Create tiered packages for delivery and charging of premium OTT content/services

Traffic Management

Use case
Related product
Channel congestion management
Real-time management of leased bandwidth to avoid overage charges and/or quality of service (QoS) degradation due to dropped or slow traffic. Provider bandwidth (wholesale bandwidth) should be better controlled after 100% utilization is reached, so all subscribers can have equal access to services. It will allow the prioritization of groups of applications (e.g., business, voice, media, torrents).
Layer 7 steering for VAS integration
Traffic steering according to specified parameters, minimizing the required VAS infrastructure and saving additional OPEX (e.g., automatically direct all incoming video traffic to the video optimization subsystem for better quality of services)
Fair use management
Ensuring fair and stable quality for all subscribers on the network without further investment in network resources. Fair Use Management ensures that no single subscriber disrupts service to others. This is achieved by managing bandwidth and quality of service for subscribers based on network-wide congestion thresholds
Multi-tenant solution for visibility & control for enterprise customers
Transparency, control and security by implementing automated policies based on priorities, congestion management and bi-directional security – for the enterprise
Online gaming assurance
Tariff packages for gamers with quality guarantee
Content filtration
Limit or allow access to certain services, applications, resources for certain users or groups of users. Parental control service
Communicate With Your Clients
Targeted communication with subscribers: offering tariffs and services, collecting feedback, warning about maintenance works by redirecting via HTTP


Use case
Related product
Protect from attacks when using an external address
Provide protection for users of external IPv4 and IPv6 addresses by using the mini-Firewall feature to block incoming connections specific ports

Regulatory Compliance

Use case
Related product
Anti-spam (blacklist prevention)
Prevent outgoing spam by detecting infected subscribers and notifications about them. Analyzes QoE statistics by number of sessions, traffic type, connection duration
Blacklist url filtering
Compliance with regulatory requirements and actively providing a safer and more secure Internet environment for subscribers
Unified regulatory compliance
Eliminates current and future threats with adaptive machine learning and dynamically expanding malicious behavior identification + application data collection, analysis, storage
Usage records store and retrieve
Storing user/traffic data
HotSpot management
Controlling the data of users accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi Hotspot in public places is necessary to protect the network from DoS attacks and prevent unwanted anonymous activity

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