Success Story

Stingray SG and Height8 billing system integration on ISP’s network

The Charotar Telelink from Ahmedabad (India) has successfully integrated with the Height8 Technologies billing system with our support and the BRAS/BNG Solution.


CG-NAT — how to start using and why you need it

CG-NAT (Carrier Grade Network Address Translation) is a technology that enables an ISP to replace a user's local IP address with a public one in TCP/IP networks. Let's find out how CG-NAT is implemented in Stingray Service Getaway and why it is the right solution for you.

Quality of Service

Limiting subscribers' data download: QoS and profit

Usually, when we talk about the quality of service (QoS) we describe ways for speed limitation for individual users, applications and protocols by prioritizing traffic. Thereby it allows a rational use of bandwidth and prevents performance degradation.


ROI calculation of a DPI platform

DPI system manufacturers can offer solutions for any market segment: from simple tools for access limitation to the websites according to lists of regulators, to complex traffic management systems.


BRAS Scaling and Standby

The key hardware requirements for scaling are component and driver compatibility of the core software. The main components are CPU, RAM, HDD, Network cards.


5 Steps to Become an Internet Service Provider

Maybe there is no point in repeating for one more time that the Internet has become a permanent part of our lives, but it is really interesting to look at the statistical data and make some conclusions from it.


What's better — x86 or ARM?

The two most popular processor architectures in the world are ARM and x86. In this article, we will list the pros and cons of both platforms and their prospects for the foreseeable future.

Stingray SG Functionality

What to switch to after ACCEL-PPP?

If you are a small Internet Service Provider and just start working, it may make sense for you to choose simple and inexpensive tools for your tasks.

Stingray SG Functionality

VAS Experts presents Stingray SG release 10 – now with router functionality

VAS Experts company made available the new, 10th release of Stingray Service Gateway - an integrated solution for telecom operators.


Is it possible that too much traffic can “break” the Internet?

In January 2021 the Northeastern coast of the United States experienced numerous problems with Internet connectivity.

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