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Stingray SG Functionality

Optimization of provider’s network. Doing it right

Any telecom operator wants its services to be of high quality and always available. And the coronavirus pandemic has shown well how important it is to have an optimized network. Some providers reported that the load increased by 10-30%.


BNG L2 for VLAN/Q-in-Q Networks

The development of the BNG function began with the 6th Stingray Service Gateway version. It implemented BNG L3 connectivity for processing IPoE traffic and applying policing to the IP address received by the subscriber from the Stingray SG. Version 7.0 expanded the capabilities of BNG, which also works at the L2 link layer in VLAN and Q-in-Q networks.


Plans for the global modernization of network infrastructure in the United States

Access to the Internet in the USA is among the most expensive while the bandwidth is among the lowest. Let’s find out what led to this situation.


BNG for Internet Service Providers

BNG can be organized in several ways: hardware, software on x86 server and Linux-based solution. Let's compare the pros and cons of each option.

Quality of Service

QOS Management Helps Operators during the Pandemic

Availability and quality of Internet connection are the main indicators Broadband provider’s work.


DNS over HTTPS: the point of contention

Back in 2018 IETF has approved a new protocol named DNS over HTTPS, but the topic gained attention of IT-community not so long ago. Not only the positive side was taken into consideration: there were heated debates about the protocol’s features and benefits among the ISPs and developers.


The End of IPv4 addresses - Exhaustion Timeline

According to the forecast by Geoff Huston, the chief engineer-researcher of the APNIC Internet registrar, the pool of IPv4 addresses will be completely exhausted in 2020.

Stingray SG Functionality

How to detect Brute Force in the network

In case Brute force activity with the subsequent BotNet is detected in the network, the telecom operator is threatened with IP address blocking.


E-sim – is it harm or cure?

Apple products fans have always lacked a second SIM card – at the same time smart-gadgets manufacturers lacked additional space for it.

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