Quality of Service

How to Use QoS to Ensure the Internet Access Quality

Not all internet traffic is equally important. An online video without picture freezing or a Skype call without voice stuttering is more critical than downloading a large file using a torrent client. The Quality of Service (QoS) function of a router, shaper, or deep packet inspection (DPI) system allows you to prioritize which traffic is more important and provide it with most of the bandwidth.


Happy Upcoming New Year!

The end of the year is here, which means it's time to sum up. It's time to look at the results of the work done and tell about the brightest events in the life of the company over the past 12 months.


Cyberthreat Tracker — Kaspersky and VAS Experts' Solution

Combining their experience in traffic analysis and vulnerability detection, Kaspersky and VAS Experts have created a joint solution, thanks to which operators will be able to ensure network security and additionally monetize their services.


VAS Experts at Futurecom 2022

VAS Experts’ team presented a multifunctional software solution Stingray SG at the regional telecom exhibition in Brazil — Futurecom 2022.

Stingray SG Functionality

Stingray SG 11.4 — Update Overview

The VAS Experts team is pleased to announce that Stingray SG 11.4 has been released! As always, every user with current technical support can upgrade to the new version.


Why ISPs might need to replace BRAS/BNG?

As a developer of software solutions for Internet service providers, we often hear a question from our customers: what is the best replacing option for their current BRAS solution and how to replace it quickly? We have identified two main reasons why telecom operators might be thinking about replacing BNG.


Why a subscription to vBNG is more profitable than a license?

Subscription payment is beneficial and convenient for both customers and businesses. With subscriptions, users have the opportunity to pay only for the time they use the services and plan their budget. And the business gets a tool for long-term growth and scaling.


Replacing MikroTik with vBNG

When small Internet Service Providers start working, they make a rational buying decision and choose simple and inexpensive equipment. At this point, many operators need an initial solution and choose MikroTik as a service router that combines BRAS/BNG, NAT, and Router functions.


BNG Call Flows — IPoE DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE

BRAS is an essential part of broadband topologies for control subscriber access to the Internet. In other words, BRAS is an access point for subscribers, through which they connect to the broadband network.


“From where you didn't expect”: how IPv6 can compromise networks

The EUI-64 standard is to be blamed. It became a legacy category, but is still used by IoT-device developers (but not limited to). We explain what the matter is here.

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