Why ISPs might need to replace BRAS/BNG?

As a developer of software solutions for Internet service providers, we often hear a question from our customers: what is the best replacing option for their current BRAS solution and how to replace it quickly? We have identified two main reasons why telecom operators might be thinking about replacing BNG.


Why a subscription to vBNG is more profitable than a license?

Subscription payment is beneficial and convenient for both consumers and businesses. With subscriptions, users have the opportunity to pay only for the time they use the services and plan their budget. And the business gets a tool for long-term growth and scaling.


Replacing MikroTik with vBNG

When small Internet Service Providers start working, they make a rational buying decision and choose simple and inexpensive equipment. At this point, many operators need an initial solution and choose MikroTik as a service router that combines BRAS/BNG, NAT, and Router functions.


BNG Call Flows — IPoE DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE

BRAS is an essential part of broadband topologies for control subscriber access to the Internet. In other words, BRAS is an access point for subscribers, through which they connect to the broadband network.


“From where you didn't expect”: how IPv6 can compromise networks

The EUI-64 standard is to be blamed. It became a legacy category, but is still used by IoT-device developers (but not limited to). We explain what the matter is here.

Stingray SG Functionality

From TCP to QUIC. Stingray SG Signatures

Briefly about QUIC: QUIC is a communication transport protocol that is considered a replacement for TCP due to greater reliability, security and reduced latency and works on top of UDP. This technology was created by Google developers and initially called it “HTTP/2-encrypted-over-UDP”.


Study — PPTP connection test

In this article, we reveal a step-by-step process for testing a PPTP connection on virtual and physical interfaces using an Intel Ethernet E810-C 100GbE network card.


VAS Experts at Convergence India Expo 2022

On March 23-25 our team participated in Convergence India Expo, which was organized by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) and Exhibitions India Group. Convergence is one of the largest annual event in India for technology and infrastructure professionals.


DNS-over-HTTPS — what is going on with the adaptation

Since the beginning, this protocol has been a very controversial one in the IT community. Some people believe that DoH increases the security of connections, while others think that it only makes the sysadmins’ work more difficult. Either way, DoH is used by more and more applications despite the different points of view. In this article, we will take a closer look at it and tell you what’s really going on.


“The main advantage of software solutions is that they are hardware-independent”. An interview with our CBDO Artem Tereschenko

To solve traffic filtering problems, ISPs usually install an expensive hardware and software complex. However, there is an alternative - a software solution, which can be just as effective as the hardware and at the same time reasonably priced.

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