Traffic Management

Due to the high demand for IPTV/OTT, online gaming, video streaming, the requirements for the quality of services are also increasing. It is important to provide the subscriber with easy-to-use and sufficient bandwidth, because delay-sensitive video services such as Internet TV suffer especially from a lack of bandwidth. It results in the “stuttering” of the video, in the distortion of picture quality, in the sound interruption.

How to create a guaranteed quality for your services?

A competitive service can be provided with the help of Stingray SG platform and its QoS option. When installed on the network, it allows you to control the Quality of the Service provided to the end user.

QoS function makes it possible to set the priority for each type of traffic and give the largest bandwidth to the one you need. Ensuring a uniform traffic flow at all stages (in a common channel, in subscriber traffic, etc) guarantees high quality of connection.

Having ensured a basic need for high quality, the broadband operator can comprehensively approach customer loyalty.

Where to begin?

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