Mini-SG for Traffic Analysis

Mini Service Gateway is a platform for processing and analyzing traffic up to 2 Gbps. If it is impossible or impractical to put a full server, this solution allows you to get all the benefits of full platform.

Benefits of the solution

Small size - with full functionality

Bypass - a stand-by for filtering system

VAS EXPERTS LAB - the solution is successfully tested


The mini DPI platform is a perfect solution for conducting a test on a small amount of traffic (up to 2 Gbps). It performs all the functions of Stingray Service Gateway:
  • Traffic filtering and blocking of harmful resources (up to 4 billion resources)
  • Access Control Lists
  • Quality of Service
  • DDoS protection
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Carrier Grade NAT
  • Border Network Gateway

The mini Service Gateway can be flexibly configured to work in both corporate and telecom operator networks. The scalability of system allows you to use all the functions most efficiently and to adjust to the growing business, providing the highest level of security.

Where to begin?

Send a request
We contact you, specify the task, provide access to the documentation and answer your questions.
Choose the solution
We discuss the current situation: traffic volume, available equipment, the functionality you need.
Free trial
Our engeniers install the selected software and adapt it to your specific tasks. Сontract — only after the test is successful.
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