X-COM — BRAS/BNG And IPv6 for Easier Network Management

March 23, 2021
X-COM — BRAS/BNG And IPv6 for Easier Network Management
Usually, when choosing BNG, operators focus on hardware solutions. VAS Experts offers a different approach: software BNG. In this case, the X-COM operator implemented this BNG scheme, as well as Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6 and the Q-in-Q technology.

X-COMMUNICATION is an operator based in Aktau, Kazakhstan, who provides high-speed Ethernet LAN and Internet access to 37 districts connected to the network.

The provider needed a solution for:

  • Simplification of network management
  • Implementation of full BNG with IPv6
  • Lawful Interception
  • Hardware replacement

VAS Experts Stingray has become the most suitable solution to meet all the requirements of a modern operator’s network.


Since 2006 the X-COM network was organized as a large corporate network. Subscribers were terminated on Extreme equipment with distributed ARP database. Managing such a massive network was a complicated and inconvenient process. At the same time, a legislation update obliged operators to store data for lawful interception, so there was a task to isolate subscribers from each other to collect the data. So X-COM began to look for a solution.

The priorities were:

  • to keep an affordable Internet access price
  • to implement VLAN per user as the most simple and convenient way to isolate subscribers from each other
  • to implement BNG L3 and L2 with IPv6 support
  • collect data for lawful interception


X-COM considered Ericsson and Huawei as BNG solutions, but both companies offered options that were too expensive and not clear enough. After considering the offer from VAS Experts the provider decided to try the Stingray platform. Within a month a server and the license were purchased, and the FreeRadius was deployed.


SSG-40 Complete with options of BNG, Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6, CG-NAT, Lawful interception

n+1 redundancy scheme


Solution characteristics:

  • BNG manufacturer: VAS Experts
  • Modes: L3 IPoE L2 DHCP
  • DHCP mode: Radius
  • Proxy Access: Ethernet FTTB, VLAN per subscriber, *PON FTTH, VLAN per subnet
  • Billing: LAN Billing

server room

Stingray SG on the X-COM network provides:

  • BNG in L3 and L2 modes
  • Carrier-Grade NAT
  • Traffic Prioritization by protocols
  • Wi-Fi HotSpot Authorization via SMS
  • Allow Lists and Captive portal option
  • Lawful Interception
  • Statistics gathering on protocols and directions.

BGP and Uplink connectivity, DNS-server, GGC, Radius were configured to implement IPv6. Subscribers were transferred to the Stingray platform by small groups and micro districts to avoid network downtime for customers.


  • The testing and implementation period took about a year, taking into account the improvements that were made to implement a full-fledged operation scheme in the BNG L2 DHCP mode
  • Unification of Ethernet access technology with *PON
  • Reducing the number of broadcast domains
  • Ability to work with IPv6
  • Disuse of A10
  • Stability of work, traffic prioritization by protocols, and improving Quality of Service.

After implementation of the solution provider’s network looks this way:

xcom network scheme

We used to have SCE, CGN. Now we have two “boxes” that can reduce all processes to a minimum set of actions. Thanks to VAS Experts engineers for providing fast and dynamic work.

Roman Chuchuk, X-COM Deputy Director
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