GhoFi — BRAS, NAT, QoE solution for cost-cutting

March 28, 2022
GhoFi — BRAS, NAT, QoE solution for cost-cutting
GhoFi is the fastest-growing Wireless Internet Provider in Cyprus, that provides high-speed broadband access. The operator offers complex communication solutions for at-home and business use, as well as telephony services.

The tariff plans of GhoFi begin with the usual 25 Mbps, but the upper limit of 500 Mbps is far beyond the capabilities of the average WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider).

The broadband internet market in Cyprus has been divided into two parts: four large triple play + cellular operators on the one hand, and about fifty small operators on the other. Without prioritizing incoming communication channels and subscriber sessions in conditions of high traffic prices to the mainland, a small operator simply cannot successfully compete with large providers.

That’s why the provider needed a solution for:

  • cost-cutting on expensive external channels
  • reducing the load on the technical support team
  • protection from DoS and DDoS attacks, advertising filtering
  • traffic prioritization.


At the time of searching for a BRAS/BNG solution, the GhoFi provider had the following tasks:

  1.     Simplify the administration process
  2.     Apply traffic prioritization to save bandwidth
  3.     Increase the quality of services and reduce the number of user requests

After considering the offerings on the market, the operator chose the Stingray Service Gateway solution. 


IPoE was used as the method of session termination, which allowed seamless switching of subscribers to the new BRAS/BNG. Using the DPI technology allows monitoring users’ connection status effectively, thereby detecting and eliminating problems before they are detected by the client. As a result, the solution from VAS Experts allowed reducing the number of requests to the support service.


Stingray-6 Complete – Version that includes all the features of the Stingray Service Gateway

QoE Standard option for Stingray-6 license – Additional module for traffic statistics analysis

Solution characteristics:

  • BRAS/BNG manufacturer – VAS Experts
  • DPI 
  • NAT 
  • QoE Analytics

Network scheme

stingray network scheme


Implementation of Stingray SG solution allowed the operator to reduce the support service staff as a result of the decreased number of requests to 2-3 times a day. At the same time, about 95% of requests are not related to the functioning of the network, but organizational issues (mainly — payment for services). The remaining 5% are mostly related to questions about WiFi and additional services. 

Now thanks to the Stingray SG solution, the operator effectively filters advertising, prioritizes traffic, and prevents DoS and DDoS attacks on customer infrastructure. The problem of customers’ complaints about slow connection speed has been completely solved and the number of requests related to the quality of streaming services broadcasting has been minimized. 

Customer review

« I can definitely say that it is extremely difficult to find a more flexible and effective telecom solution, and in combination with attentive customer support, it’s probably impossible.»

Alexander Ulybin
Technical Director / Senior Network Engineer
GhoFi (RSS Cyprus LTD)

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