BRAS and CG-NAT Special Offer

Exclusive pricing for the ISPs from India, Pakistan, Lebanon and South Asia countries

Pay As You Go

We offer a complex solution that includes implementing the software product and allows to reduce the capital expenses of the ISP at the same time.

  • Any compliant x86 server will fit.
  • With the flexible pricing, just pay for subscribers who are connected to your network.

To start using this service, fill out the feedback form. We will contact you, discuss your project and offer a special price per subscriber.

Virtual BRAS and CG-NAT solutions

Software-based BRAS

The virtual BRAS is a flexible and scalable solution for carriers. It is implemented in the ISP network with the use of any available hardware and is connected with the billing system via RADIUS protocol in the L3 (IPoE) or L2 (DHCP, ARP, PPPoE) modes with VLAN and Q-in-Q support.

The software-based BRAS makes it possible to improve the Quality of Service (QoS) and get additional statistics from the QoE analytics module.


BRAS solution can be combined with the CG-NAT when using the same server. CG-NAT significantly expands existing networks’ capacities, prolongs usage of IPv4 addresses, and simplifies the migration to IPv6 addresses by supporting the v4/v6 Dual-Stack. The solution supports Full-Cone and Symmetric NAT, NAT44/NAT444, ALG, Hairpinning technologies.



Affordable and future-proofing network

Deployment flexibility

Simplified management with GUI

IPv6-ready solution

Real-time subscriber statistics

NAT-logs for the regulatory compliance

What do you get?

Reliable working infrastructure

Get rid of the vendor-lock and obsolete equipment. The virtual BNG will replace the disparate system of Mikrotik/Cisco/Huawei/etc servers.


The network core is easy to manage: several devices are combined into one, performing BRAS, CG-NAT, DPI, QoS, QoE, and others.

Affordable solution

We suggest you pay only for the number of real subscribers and scale up easily when you need to!

Customers Reviews

"The Stingray Service Gateway is a super stable solution. We are using it on our backbone as PPPoE BRAS access gateway for our FTTH users. We offer optimal speed capacity to the end users – 10 Mbps, and we are able to achieve QoS on the end users level, which saves more than 15% on our total bandwidth usage. By using DPI technology to prioritize traffic, our services as an ISP stand out at its best from the others in Beirut. Also, we’re very satisfied with the quality of the VAS Experts’ technical support."
"I can definitely say that it is extremely difficult to find a more flexible and effective telecom solution, and in combination with attentive customer support, it’s probably impossible."
"VAS Experts technical specialists have a very high training level. They know the specifics of our market and do everything to make our collaborative work effective. This partnership gives us the opportunity to expand our product line, offer local providers comprehensive carrier-grade solutions, and build the core of the Next Generation network."
We used to have SCE, CGN. Now we have two “boxes” that can reduce all processes to a minimum set of actions. Thanks to VAS Experts engineers for providing fast and dynamic work.
The cost of Stingray solution is lower than the new devices and the deployment was very fast. We didn’t face any problems while configuring. We are planning to expand the network next year, whereas the positive results of the VAS Experts software implementation leave no doubt that the DPI, BNG and CG-NAT manufacturer replacement is not needed.
"We did not encounter any problems during the implementation of Stingray Service Gateway. When there were difficulties with the configuration, they were quickly fixed with the help of VAS Experts technical support."

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