Stingray Test Kit

Thank you for choosing VAS Experts and congratulations on the successful implementation! Now all the features of the Stingray Service Gateway are available to you.

We have prepared step-by-step instructions and videos that will help you to test Stingray Service Gateway by yourself and carry out several use-cases.

You will learn how to:

  • Configure high and low priority for certain protocols or even block them
  • Balance network load and avoid congestion
  • Configure CG-NAT or NAT 1:1 in minutes
  • Study subscriber interests and behavioral patterns
  • Find the opportunities for business growth and increase sales and ARPU

In prospect, these materials may be useful for training engineers and analysts of your company in the use of Stingray Service Gateway.

Test Cases

Network visibility and flexible traffic management

CG-NAT — IPv4 network address translation (CLI)

CG-NAT — IPv4 network address translation (GUI)

Subscribers activity analysis

More topics on setting up and operating the solution are described in the documentation.

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