How installing a CG-NAT solution helped the operator save IPv4 address space

April 6, 2022
How installing a CG-NAT solution helped the operator save IPv4 address space
In this article, we describe how we had implemented the CG-NAT solution on the network of a leading telecommunications operator in Chile.*

The operator began its work in providing broadband Internet access services in 1990s. For today, in addition to high-speed Internet, the provider also offers its subscribers interactive digital television services.

Tasks and Solution

In 2021 with increased user demand for Internet access services and lack of allocated IPv4 addresses, the ISP needed a solution that could help connect new subscribers to the network and provide them with IP addresses.

The CG-NAT product from software developer VAS Experts turned out to be the best option to resolve this task. The solution optimizes IPv4 address space and meets the regulatory requirements.

The challenges that operator faced:

  1. Saving IPv4 address space without an impact on user experience.
  2. Ability to upload NAT log both locally and to an external collector (since the provider needs to meet regulatory requirements).

Solution — implementation of CG-NAT technology, that allows sharing a single public IPv4 address by multiple subscribers (which extends the use of limited IPv4 address space and makes it easier to implement IPv6 addressing).

Previously, the ISP had no experience in use of CG-NAT products. Therefore, when they decided to implement this technology, it was important for the operator to choose an option that would be optimal in terms of price and quality.

The operator considered a lot of different vendor solutions. The key factor was a prompt feedback from the VAS Experts team — they quickly provided access to a demo version of the Stingray SG software. For the operator, the price of the solution was also important: it should have fit within the allocated budget.

The operator prepared a server to install the solution. After that, VAS Experts team installed Stingray SG CG-NAT software on the dedicated server and conducted training on its use. After a week of testing, the provider decided to pass real traffic on the network. Tech support while implementation helped to make the transition to the new technology smooth and to solve the main task quickly — provision of new IP-addresses.

Network Scheme

ISP Chile network scheme

After a month of stable work of CG-NAT on real traffic, the operator decided to purchase it. At the moment, only a part of subscribers is processed, but the provider plans to migrate the whole subscriber base to Stingray SG CG-NAT solution by the end of 2022.


The result after implementation:

  • network address translation and saving IPv4 address space
  • the solution works out of the box without any need for additional modifications
  • operation stability on real traffic
  • availability of a quality functional GUI
  • technical support in Spanish for convenience

After implementing CG-NAT solution from VAS Experts, the provider was also interested in BRAS solution that can be installed on the same device. — customer’s review

*We do not disclose the name of the customer due to the signed NDA.

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