June 8, 2021
GUI (Graphical User Interface) is a type of user interfaces with graphic buttons, menu items, icons, and other elements. Users interact with GUI directly using its elements.

GUI is far more convenient for users than a conventional command-line interface (CLI). In GUI all interface objects are freely available for users. With Stingray SG GUI you can monitor the systems status, configure and manage all main platform modules and services, as well as visualize analytics data.

Actually, most popular operating systems and applications are normally expected to have GUI.

How it works

Interface elements are designed to have an intuitive hint on their functionality, to facilitate learning of GUI operation principles. It is worth noting that GUI operates at information visualization level and thus it interacts with a user.

A good GUI implies meeting the Do What I Mean requirement. In other words, a user has to intuitively anticipate the interface response to their next action.

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