Stingray SG and Height8 billing system integration on ISP’s network

August 14, 2021
Stingray SG and Height8 billing system integration on ISP’s network
The Charotar Telelink from Ahmedabad (India) has successfully integrated with the Height8 Technologies billing system with our support and the BRAS/BNG Solution.

Height8 is a developer of H8 AAA — the carrier-grade access control server with RADIUS, DIAMETER, and TACACS+ protocols that are supported in a single stack. Based on the request processing architecture, the solution’s workflow enables the central deployment of the H8AAA server to work with different types of services. So it supports any vendor with standard protocols.

Key features

The solution enables managing network performance by providing multi-vendor & multi-network support. It also enables the ISP to upgrade the existing infrastructure to a new generation system without too much difficulty.

Features of Height8:

  • Session Management
  • Session Caching
  • Custom Plug-In Support
  • Device Authentications Deployments

See a full list by link.

BRAS/BNG implementation on the Charotar Telelink operator’s network

Current trends in the telecommunications market required the modernization of the BNG system. The previous solution was a set of disparate Cisco/Ericsson/Mikrotik routers which were incapable of performing the following tasks:

  • Combination of different subscriber authorization modes
  • Native Captive Portal which would generate access lists based on the domain name
  • Bandwidth management and prioritization based on applications
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Fast integration without the need for further refinement.

The operator chose the solution from VAS Experts as the most convenient one in terms of design: the Stingray BNG is independent of the server hardware manufacturer and provides fast integration via Radius with CoA support.

As the result of the modernization, all Stingray BNGs are connected to the Height8 billing and responsible for their network segment. The implementation scheme is simple: BNG is set in the network core, between the aggregation layer and the edge router.

BNG Router Scheme

Subscriber’s access to the network

The flexibility of Stingray SG and Height8 allows all scenarios of subscriber access to the network. This includes access via PPPoE and gradual transition to IP/DHCP/ARP depending on the network type.

The following functions are now available:

  1. L2 PPPoE Subscriber Access (PPPoE over VLAN, PPPoE over Q-in-Q).
  2. L2 DHCP IPoE Subscriber Access (IPoE over VLAN, IPoE over Q-in-Q, DHCP Relay, Radius proxy, Option82).
  3. L3 IPoE Subscriber Access (IPoE over VLAN, IPoE over Q-in-Q).

After the implementation of Stingray SG, the operator was able to reduce the number of Mikrotik BNGs and to use server racks more efficiently. Further scaling of the BNG solution will be much easier: the operator now only needs to monitor the performance of a single server.

You can find more information about BNG scaling here.

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