Stingray SG 11.4 — Update Overview

October 23, 2022
Stingray SG Functionality
Stingray SG 11.4 — Update Overview
The VAS Experts team is pleased to announce that Stingray SG 11.4 has been released! As always, every user with current technical support can upgrade to the new version.

In the new version of Stingray SG, we paid special attention to improving the work of Router/BRAS/NAT, and also added new features for processing the “empty” radius response and switching to DPDK 21.11 LTS.

In addition, version 11.4 includes the following changes:

  • The number of supported ports is increased to 24
  • Service 15 (Special Subscriber) is added: when the service is enabled, the subscriber’s traffic is prioritized by the special_dscp setting (by default — 0)
  • The nat_gcache_slice_k100 setting is added, which specifies how many ports to allocate per slice (by default — 125)
  • Seqno is added to clickstream
  • Vchannels are added based on IP/CIDR
  • Installation on ROSA Linux Chrome and VEOS 8.6 is tested
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