VAS Experts’ «Trade In» offer will help updating your DPI solution

April 8, 2021
VAS Experts’ «Trade In» offer will help updating your DPI solution
If your DPI system is obsolete, you can exchange it for the up-to-date Stingray SG DPI solution in the «Trade-In» offer framework.

The offer covers BRAS Ericsson SE100, SE600, SE1200, as well as Cisco SCE 8000. In the outcome your profit size may reach 20 %. To know the details, contact one of our dealers.

The cases

Companies who already accepted the offer, have their previous solutions obsolete and periodically malfunctioning. After switching to Stingray SG all of them pointed out increased network stability, affordable pricing, and high expertise level of technical support staff – who provided thorough consulting on every aspect of solution usage.

The functionality you will get:

  • BRAS service gateway, performing traffic analysis and control functions for subscribers’ termination.
  • IPv6 support with readiness for expansion of IPv6-only IoT devices.
  • Efficient use of IPv4 address space with CG-NAT application.
  • Smart access lists, traffic control up to OSI level 7, blocking by name, Captive Portal creation.
  • QoS (Quality of Service). Traffic prioritization among customers.
  • QoE (Quality of Experience). Statistics collection, telecom services’ quality evaluation, real time analytics.
  • Notification of customers, landing page creation, ads insertion.
  • Botnet protection, subscriber’s suspicious activity blocking, intrusion prevention.
  • DoS/DDoS protection.
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