Marketing Campaigns and Home Page

Stingray Service Gateway function of communication with the subscriber allows the carrier to conduct marketing campaigns, analyse the history of the subscriber’s visit and his behaviour on these resources, display targeted advertising and information messages at any time, segment subscribers according to the accumulated billing data.

Home page gives the opportunity to get full information about the subscriber (gender, age, browser, input devices, preferences, etc.), sell partner services through it, conduct surveys for promotion QoS, promote new services and raise traffic from their pages description.

  • Communication with the subscriber
  • Behaviour reports
  • Home pages


Communication with the subscriber

Function that allows the carrier to send messages to the subscriber while working on the Internet. The user enters the address of the site that he wants to visit, and sees in the browser a carrier’s message, which is replaced after a few seconds by the requested page.

The message can contain both information from the carrier (changes in the tariff, routine or emergency technical works, special offers), and emergency messages from government agencies (warning of emergencies).

Behaviour reports

Each user of the network is unique. The Stingray platform can collect information about its behaviour without violating the subscriber’s personal rights, and show it in a clear view to the carrier.

This information can be used in many ways, primarily to improve the quality of the provided services. In the hands of an experienced marketing expert, the collected information can be a tool for increasing the number of subscribers and the company’s revenue.

Home pages

Less than a minute of showing a unique “home page” to a subscriber allows the carrier to obtain a large amount of information about the user, offer him or her new service or product in the light of his interests, assess his or her satisfaction with the provided services.

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