Traffic Monetization

The turnkey service for traffic monetizing is designed to generate additional profit for the operator by displaying advertising banners on HTTP pages.

The turnkey service for traffic monetizing is designed to generate additional profit for the operator by displaying advertising banners on HTTP pages.

The service is relevant to use in free Wi-Fi networks in conjunction with the HotSpot module: a subscriber who logs into your Wi-Fi network can be connected to an ad display.


  • Learn your audience interests
  • Choose subtle settings for each category
  • Show only relevant advertisement
  • Earn on your traffic
  • See full statistics

Implementation scheme

This service is supported only with inline installation scheme. The DPI with GUI platform connects the ads aggregator resource via VAS Cloud. When the subscriber observes this advertisement, the reverse process occurs: GUI calculates the amount of impressions, clicks and sum of money that the operator receives.

The interaction is handled according to the following algorithm:

  • the operator activates the service in graphical user interface;
  • the list of HTTP resources to show ads on is automatically loaded from VAS Cloud to VAS Experts DPI (this list is determined by the cloud);
  • when switching to any resource from the DPI list, it injects a banner code that is automatically loaded from the VAS Cloud (the banner is determined by the cloud);
  • the operator determines for which subscribers to activate the advertising display service;
  • banners are shown to subscribers. The advertising aggregator receives information about impressions and clicks and counts the ISPs gain;
  • the operator can request a withdrawal of these earning from the VAS Cloud personal account at any time.

The service is available after registration in the operator’s personal account.

Advertising Section

The advertising partnership service is connected from VAS Cloud. Once connected, enable list downloading on one or more DPI devices. DPI will load information about which banners to display on which resources. Enabling this option requires a restart of the DPI.

Statistics and Accruals

The Statistics section provides daily statistics on the number of impressions and clicks, as well as the number of leads generated on the advertiser’s side. You can select a specific period of time. Approved leads converted to a purchase are updated daily and displayed in the “Commission” bar.

The VAS Cloud service is automated: the operator is required only to register in the personal account and switch on the option to display ad banners.

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