Stingray SG — Experience of Internet provider

May 10, 2020
Stingray SG — Experience of Internet provider is the largest network in Belarus in terms of file resources, the most resource-rich part of Bynet, and also a telecom operator with a large subscriber base. The stable work of such big projects is impossible without traffic management systems. Which is in this case is the Stingray from the VAS Experts developer.

The main goals of the project were:

  1. Traffic prioritization by protocol
  2. Filtering blocked web resources

Traffic prioritization by protocol

The uplinks — channels to the higher providers are quite expensive. The main reason is that telecommunications are regulated by the state. Therefore, the most important task of providing the subscribers with high-quality services is to prioritize traffic and save bandwidth.

Stingray Service Gateway applies Deep Packet Inspection technology. The system uses sets of signatures and behavioral methods, classifies traffic consumed by an application or a subscriber. The information on traffic classes of each subscriber, received from the billing system, allows you to separately charge SIP, Skype, Viber, BitTorrent, and any other.

You can also proactively identify the application or user with the highest bandwidth usage, see the trends, and protect your network from congestion by limiting the bandwidth.

Using Stingray platform, has solved the following tasks:

  • Bandwidth limitation for customers according to the tariff plan.
  • Prevention of network congestion, by guaranteeing the quality and speed of Internet access.
  • Traffic prioritization at all stages of its delivery to the subscribers.
  • Reducing uplink costs and increasing QoE.
  • Controlling the upper limits of the equipment.
  • Counteracting DDoS attacks.

unet by case

Filtering blocked web resources

The second important task was to block Internet resources according to the list of the State Supervisory Department for Telecommunications of the Republic of Belarus.

The list of restricted access includes the following information resources or their constituent parts, which are located on the Internet:

  • Owners who had received 2 or more written warnings from the Ministry of Information during the year.
  • Materials and/or resources that contain information prohibited for the distribution: aimed at illegal drug trafficking, other information prohibited or restricted for distribution in accordance with the legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Owners who did not fulfill the legal requirement to eliminate violations of the legislation of the Telecommunications Department of the Republic of Belarus.

Telecom operators and Internet providers have a high responsibility in meeting the requirements of the Belarusian legislation. Stingray SG allows blocking information resources according to both the lists of state regulators and the operator’s own internal list. This allows it to be optimized to work in any country with any legal requirements.

Project Implementation

Installation of the Stingray Service Gateway was from the users’ side before the routers, according to the in-line scheme to filter all user traffic passing through the operator’s network. Interaction with the caching server is also configured.


The project was implemented several years ago with the help of VAS Experts engineers. With the growth of subscribers database and traffic increase, the system was upgraded from SSG-6 Complete to SSG-40 Complete.

Now the operator is testing the NAT 1:1 function of the Stingray platform, which allows binding the subscriber’s internal IP address to a specific external IP address.

«The main task that we solve using Stingray SG is external channel work at a high cost, which is essentially a state monopoly. That’s why we have implemented traffic prioritization first of all. We could block prohibited sites by IP addresses like many large state providers, but we chose to block by domain using the Stingray platform. It showed greater efficiency and reliability», — says Maxim Khainatsky, head of networks administration department.

Stingray Service Gateway from the developer VAS Experts performs all the necessary functions for traffic analysis and management and the flexible licensing system allows you to meet the requirements of both large telecom operators and small Internet providers. The system can be applied to the legislation of any state, which is confirmed by the successful experience of implementing it in the communication network of the Belarusian Internet provider

Contact us for more information on the advantages of Stingray Service Gateway opportunities, advantages, and effective use on the networks of telecom operators.

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