APEX — Functional BRAS L2 & L3, NAT, and IPv6 support

June 1, 2021
APEX — Functional BRAS L2 & L3, NAT, and IPv6 support
APEX is a telecom operator who provides services of home and corporate internet, as well as digital television and CCTV monitoring to 12 thousand clients in the Kerch city in Crimea.

Originally Apex used a solution from Juniper but was not satisfied with its functionality as a BRAS. Operating difficulties, complicated documentation, and lack of technical support affected the quality of services for the operator’s subscribers that had led to a slow reaction to arising problems. For these reasons, Apex decided to upgrade the service gateway.

The provider needed a solution that would meet the following characteristics:

  1. Ability to replace the current BRAS solution (previously used Juniper MX80)
  2. Traffic filtering according to local regulations
  3. Reliable technical support from a vendor
  4. NAT implementation

VAS Experts offers a BRAS solution that allows to manage user authorization and data plans flexibly and is affordable for small operators as well.


When choosing an alternative solution these key criteria were important for the company:

  • Affordable technical support
  • Expanding the functionality of the service core: traffic prioritization, adding Firewall and NAT features
  • IPv6 support
  • Solution for traffic filtering according to Regulatory Compliance and Federal Law
  • Ability to keep access technologies in use


Apex had tested VAS Experts’ solution without large capital expenses at the start and made a balanced purchase decision only after the tests. Vendor equipment by Supermicro (CPU 12 cores, 64GB RAM, 2x40G) was recommended as the best in terms of price and quality.

Currently, IPv6 support and Regulatory Compliance implementation have already been tested and will be implemented soon. The solutions are expansion-ready for potential growth of traffic volume and subscribers base.

Solution characteristics:

  • BNG manufacturer: VAS Experts
  • Modes: L3 IPoE, L2 DHCP to the RADIUS proxy
  • CG-NAT
  • IPv6 in progress


woman in a server room


The BRAS functionality solves the following tasks:

  • BRAS operation in L2 and L3 modes
  • application of CG-NAT
  • traffic filtering according to local regulations
  • mini-Firewall
  • traffic prioritization
  • data collection following the requirements of laws

After implementation, the network traffic has increased and the company successfully upgraded the current solution. This became possible due to the purchase of equipment with a performance reserve. Therefore, to scale up, only an extension of the license for a larger bandwidth was required.

Network scheme


APEX network scheme

At the moment, we are working on the implementation of IPv6 with the transition to Q-in-Q, to implement Dual Stack and improve the quality of service for customers.

The ISP is interested in the automation of BotNet and DDoS detection to save the work time of network engineers and reduce the impact on the quality of network operation. Additionally, the option of using the mini-Firewall to block subscriber devices with parasitic activity is considered.


By implementing the BRAS solution, the operator solved the following tasks:

  • The quality of user experience has been improved thanks to subscriber traffic prioritization by protocols.
  • The requirements of the Federal Law in terms of regulating access to web resources are fulfilled.
  • Additional opportunities for service gateway use are provided.

As a result, a transparent software solution was implemented, that makes it possible to cover two tasks at once: BRAS and Regulatory Compliance.

Since our software is initially compatible, the company will not have any technical conflicts in the process of operation, which can appear during Lawful Interception implementation. By choosing VAS Experts, the operator protects its investments, because the system itself and its license are scalable if needed.

Customer review

«VAS Experts company has very competent technical support specialists: they can clarify any questions that appear during the implementation, help with software configuration, understand unforeseen situations and find a way out of them.»

Dmitry Zhmurko, Technical Director of Apex Crimea

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